Residential Homes

Choosing the right flooring can seem overwhelming with so much choice available. Whether it’s for living space, kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories or stairs,  our Design Service can help guide you on what will work best.  We can advise you on the best products and prices for solid floors, vinyl, laminate and carpets.…

Unique Design Consultation

With the varied choice in all types of flooring available, we can can create bespoke designs using a range of flooring and wall cladding to reflect your personal taste or company branding.

Please contact us for advice and guidance on floor and wall coverings.…

Floor Preparation and Restoration

We believe there are three main factors that make good floor preparation crucial;

  1. Damp proofing – to prevent moisture from passing into interior spaces.
  2. Priming – to make sure the base (screed) under the floor remains intact
  3. Levelling the floor –  reducing uneven surfaces.

We always prepare every floor before we fit.…